Rehabilitation Department for Parkinson’s Disease and Severe Acquired Brain Injury Ospedale “Moriggia-Pelascini”,Gravedona ed Uniti – Como

“Moriggia-Pelascini” Hospital


Gravedona ed Uniti, Como

Rehabilitation Department for Parkinson’s Disease and Severe Acquired Brain Injury


Via Pelascini 3; 22015 Gravedona ed Uniti (Como)



The Rehabilitation Department for Parkinson’s Disease and Severe Acquired Brain Injury was created in 2013 and added to the existing departments at the “Moriggia-Pelascini” Hospital of Gravedona ed Uniti, the area’s general hospital.


The Rehabilitation department has 100 beds, 60 of which are dedicated to inpatient multidisciplinary rehabilitative care of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and parkinsonisms, such as progressive supranuclear palsy, multiple system atrophy, and dystonia. An average of 660 patients with PD and other Movement Disorders per year are admitted to this department for a comprehensive and intense rehabilitation treatment implemented with a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals.


The Center also provides 20 visits per week (5 days a week) dedicated to Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders for new and follow-up visits.


The Center collaborates with Italian and international centers on research projects on cognitive-motor rehabilitation, genetics, and creativity.

Diagnostic procedures

Neurophysiological evaluation

Gait with surface EMG

Postural analysis




Fiber-optic laryngoscopy


Cardiology with Holter ECG and pressure monitoring

Urological and GI evaluations

Services and treatments provided

Neurological visits

Physical therapy

Neuropsychological evaluation

Psychodiagnostic assessment

Psychological Support and counseling

Psychoeducational Programs




Treatment with botulinum toxin

Robotics (Lokomat, Erigo, Treadmill plus, Treadmill with virtual reality and musical treadmill)

Virtual reality

Useful numbers

Medical Offices



Appointments SSN (National Health Service) Parkinson’s Ambulatory for neurological visit


Appointments SSN for psychological, psychotherapeutic and cognitive rehabilitation consultation


Appointments for private access


Appointments for inpatient treatments


Contact person for patients

Annarita Folini

telefono: +39-0344-92705

Medical Personnel

Margherita Canesi, MD – Neurologist, Director (

Ilaria Zivi, MD – Neurologist

Elisa Piacentini, MD – Neurologist

Marta Berlusconi, MD – Physiatrist

Giovanna Pinelli, MD – Nutritionist

Neuropsychology Service

Marianna Zarucchi, PhD – Neuropsychologist

Veronica Cian, PhD – Neuropsychologist

Marianna Napolitano, PhD – Neuropsychologist

Alessandra Ranghetti, PhD – Neuropsychologist

Viviana Cereda, PhD – Neuropsychologist

Physical Therapists

Giuseppe Ercoli – Coordinator (

Francesca Bonetti, Laura Gobbi, Rossana Bera, Fabiola Bossio, Veronica Vaninetti, Alessandro Giobbia, Lara Covaia, Vanessa Vacca, Nicolò Biffi, Isabella Russo, Sara Galizzi, Maria Laura Fiori, Antonino Basiricò, Denise Trivelli, Debora Tremari.

Occupational Therapists

Martina Riva, Michele Franciotta, Chiara De Marchi, Simona Gherini

Speech Therapists

Laura Lucca, Niccolò Schettino, Chiara Molinelli


Marina Capobianco

Head Nurses

Annarita Folini (

Lorenza Bettiga (

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