Center for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders “Villa Margherita” e S.Stefano Riabilitazione Arcugnano – Vicenza

Villa Margherita Parkinson Center


Arcugnano, Vicenza

Center for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders


Via Costacolonna 6, 36057 Arcugnano (Vicenza) – ITALY


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The Center at Villa Margherita promotes an integrated and comprehensive model of care for Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders with inpatient and outpatient programs.


Every year, more than 3000 persons with PD are cared for in Villa Margherita in a restored ancient building that is part of a compound located on the hill top of Arcugnano (Vicenza). An average of 650 patients per year are admitted to the center facilities (50 dedicated beds) for a comprehensive and intense rehabilitation treatment guided by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Also, there are five outpatient clinics for movement disorders per week (280 persons with Movement Disorders examined each month).


The Center offers educational programs for both patients and caregivers during hospitalization, in the community and at home. Villa Margherita provides also educational programs for allied health professionals.


The research is focused on determining the impact of comprehensive models of care on quality of life on patients with movement disorders. Current studies are also ascertaining the effects of rehabilitation and innovative treatments on axial abnormalities in movement disorders.

Procedure Diagnostiche

Neurological evaluation

Physiatric evaluation

Clinical Psychology Consultation

Speech and swallowing evaluation

Fiber-optic laryngoscopy


Cardiology with Holter ECG and pressure monitoring

Urological evaluations

Psychiatric evaluation

Neuropsychological evaluation

Occupational therapy evaluation

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Evaluation for DuoDopa(TM) infusion treatment

Services and treatments provided

Neurological visits

Physiatric visits

Multidisciplinary, customized rehabilitation programs for motor and non-motor symptoms, including axial disorders

Neurophysiological evaluation

Psychiatric services

Cognitive dysfunction treatments

Speech and swallowing dysfunction treatment

Urinary dysfunctions evaluation and rehab treatment

Deep Brain Stimulation and infusional therapies

Dance therapy, Nordic Walking and other social programs

Customized occupational therapy programs

Consultations for planning care at home

Evaluation and treatment of oxidative stress in degenerative neurological disease

Treatment with botulinum toxin

Hydrotherapy with tailored programs for posture, balance, gait

Robotics (EKSO Exoskeleton, Treadmill plus, Treadmill with visual and acoustic cues, musical treadmill)

3D Voicon Gait Analysis Lab on land and underwater

Surface waterproof EMG recordings

Baropodometric and stabilometric evaluation

Useful numbers

Contact center


Appointments SSN (National Health Service) Parkinson’s Ambulatory for neurological visit


Appointments SSN for psychological, psychotherapeutic and cognitive rehabilitation consultation


Appointments for private access


Contact person for patients

Federico Nordera


Medical Personnel

Daniele Volpe, MD – Geriatrician, Physiatrist, Director

Giampietro Nordera, MD – Neurologist

Manuela Pilleri, MD – Neurologist

Tiziana Mesiano MD – Neurologist

Cristina Beretta, MD – Physiatrist

Alessandra Pastorio, MD – Physiatrist

Leila Bakdounes, MD – Physiatrist

Marco Bateni, MD – Psychiatrist

Neuropsychology, Psychology and other Services

Maria Concetta Campo – Neuropsychologist

Giulia Lazzari – Psychologist

Nicoletta Del Grosso Desteri– Neuropsychologist

Physical therapy

Nives Pegoraro – Head of Physiotherapist

Sofia Fortuna

Giorgio Marcolini

Anna Fiorotto

Giuliana Ciampa

Alessandra Castellani

Sabina Giarrusso

Giovanni Gottin

Nadia Acco

Chiara Caucchiolo

Speech therapy

Selena Bressan, Flavia Frighetto

Nurse and other personnel

Elisa Baron – Nutritionist

Alice Gasparotto – Social Worker

Research personnel

Anna Guiotto – Bioengineer

Fabiola Spolaor – Bioengineer

Marco Romanato – Bioengineer

Fulvia Fichera – Physiotherapist

Davide Castelli – Physiotherapist

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