S. Chiara University Hospital



The Regional Referral Center for Parkinson’s Disease


AOU Pisa – Ospedale Santa Chiara, Unita’ di Neurologia, Edificio 13 – Piano 1, Via Roma 67, 56126 Pisa


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The Center for Parkinson’s disease has been recognized as a “Regional Referral Center for Parkinson’s Disease” by the Tuscan Regional Authority in 1997.


The Center is dedicated to the care of patients with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders with a team of Neurologists and Psychologists.


The Center currently cares for about 1,800 patients. Approximately 60 outpatient visits are scheduled every week (240 patients per month). Patients with movement disorders can be admitted in the Neurology ward (1 dedicated beds) for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.


The Center is part of the European Network for Multiple System Atrophy and Huntington’s Chorea and maintains numerous research collaborations in Italy and abroad. Research is focused on the development of new diagnostic imaging methods and of new drugs. About fifty clinical trials have been conducted since 1986.

Diagnostic procedures


Neuropsychological evaluation

Neuropsychological evaluation

Nutritional evaluation

Cardio-vascular autonomic nervous system evaluation

Urological and andrological evaluation

Gastroenterological Evaluation

Genetic Consultation

Speech assessment

Services and treatments provided

Neurological visits

Management of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) operations (Neurosurgical Unit)

Treatment with botulinum toxin

Physical Therapy and rehabilitation (Neurorehab Unit)

Clinical Psychology Consultation

Speech and swallowing dysfunction treatment (ENT Unit)

Psychiatric counseling (Psychiatric Unit)

Useful numbers

PD Nurse

+39 050-993145

Appointments SSN (NHS) Parkinson’s Ambulatory for neurological visit

+39 050-993213; 050-992443; 050-992571

Appointments SSN for psychological, and cognitive rehab. consultation

+39 050-992571

Appointments for private access

Prof. Ceravolo

+39 050-995272

Contact person for patients

Sonia Felici

Telefono: +39 050-993213



Stefania Guerrazzi

telefono: +39 050-992443


Medical Personnel

Roberto Ceravolo, MD – Neurologist, Director

Daniela Frosini, MD – Neurologist

Elisa Unti, MD – Neurologist

Giovanni Palermo, MD – Neurologist

Eleonora Del Prete, MD – Neurologist

Jacopo Pasquini, MD – Neurologist

Gabriele Bellini, MD – Neurologist

Alessio Francesconi, MD – Neurology Resident

Davide Paoli, Medico- MD – Neurology Resident

Elena Benevento, MD – Neurology Resident

Ludovica Cori, MD – Neurology Resident

Physical therapy, Neuropsychology, Psychology and other Services

Gloria Tognoni, MD – Neurologist and Neuropsychologist

Valentina Nicoletti, MD – Neurologist

Luca Tommasini – Psychologist

Ilaria Orselli – Speech Therapist

Pierangela Riani – Clinical Trial Nurse

Stefania Guerrazzi ­– Administrative Assistant

Valentina Giordano – Clinical Trial Data Manager

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