Clinical Research Grant


Request for Applications

The Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders at NYU Langone Health (FI-NYU) is seeking applications to advance our understanding of clinical care for Parkinson’s disease (PD) and to encourage clinician scientists to pursue research into advancing clinical care with specific relevance for Parkinson’s patients in Europe. Our Clinical Research Grant Program is focused on clinical outcomes of innovative and best care practices for Parkinson’s disease at Movement Disorder Centers that have been designated Fresco Network Centers (“Center”).


The Fresco Network (FN) is supported by the USA-Italy Bridge program to improve patient outcomes by bringing together European and American best clinical practices. In our efforts to realize this goal, this grant program will be administered by the FI-NYU but it will fund research conducted in Europe exclusively. The Fresco Clinical Research Grant will provide support for up to three years of funding for a research plan whose Principal Investigator (PI) is part of a Fresco Center. We will also accept applications reflecting research collaboration between FN Centers or between an FN Center and a non-FN institution.


Each FN can participate to one project only and cannot submit more than one proposal.

Focus Areas

Applicants may request research support for any of the following focus areas:

1. Population health-related projects. Research focused on clinically-defined segments of the Parkinson’s disease patient population. Population health projects should be interdisciplinary, focus on modifying behavior outside the clinic, and may have a policy or public health component. Proposals must include the following elements: a defined target group, a well-designed protocol that defines primary and secondary outcomes and includes a valid control, and an impact statement.

2. COVID19-related projects. Research focused on drawing insight from the COVID19 experience to inform future care decisions thus providing generalizable insights for ordinary Parkinson’s care. Examples include but are not limited to treatment of pneumonia in patients with Parkinson’s disease, insight from the telemedicine experience, and insights drawn from limitations to care during modified pandemic operations.

3. Identification and translation of innovative care processes nationally and internationally. Research designed to inform the dissemination of best practices already adopted within a Fresco Network center to the broader Parkinson’s care community. Projects may focus on collecting evidence to support replication of a care process at independent centers and validation of outcome impact through systematic evaluation, or other rigorous research-based expansion or replication efforts. Note that projects must include a well-designed experiment including systematic, outcome-focused data collection to be eligible under this RFA.
All projects are expected to lead to high impact publications.


This RFA is open to FN Center investigators only, independently or in collaboration with other FN or non-FN Centers. Furthermore, researchers or medical doctors under the age of 40 before the day of submission (“Applicant”) from a Fresco Center, a Center’s parent institution or affiliated institutions are eligible to apply as a Principal Investigator.


Applicants may request up to $200,000 (USD) for the three-year grant period.

Submission Dates and Times

Application Deadline: March 29, 2021 6 pm EST.


Submit applications to: and and cc: