Why is it important?

Nearly 80% of clinical trials experience delays due to a lack of research volunteers. Slow enrollment prolongs the drug development process and extends the time it takes for new therapies to reach people who need them most. The Fresco Parkinson Institute collaborated with The Michael J. Fox Foundation on Fox Trial Finder Italy to connect willing participants with Parkinson’s trials that need them and accelerate field-wide discoveries.

What is it?

Fox Trial Finder is an online clinical trial matching tool that was created by The Michael J. Fox Foundation to help increase the flow of willing participants – both people with Parkinson’s and control participants who do not have Parkinson’s – into the clinical trials that need them. The platform aims to reduce challenges in clinical trial recruitment and accelerate the Parkinson’s drug development process.

How does it work?

Volunteers create a personal profile that includes information such as location, age and medical history. Using a matching algorithm, Fox Trial Finder identifies clinical trials and studies that align with the individual’s eligibility and preferences. Volunteers receive an email with a list of matches and they can select trials that best suit their interests.
Fox Trial Finder also offers a messaging system that enables volunteers to connect directly with clinical trial teams to learn more about participating in clinical research.

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