Project Description

Progetto Parkinson’s Outcomes Project

The Parkinson’s Outcome Project (POP) is the largest-ever clinical study of Parkinson’s disease (PD) with over 13,000 patients enrolled in five countries encompassing forty-five Centers of Excellence. Our Fresco network centers are participating in this study thanks to the partnership with the Parkinson’s Foundation (PF), an American organization who share our mission to make life better for people with PD.

The POP evaluation form developed by the PF was adopted and modified in order to be in alignment with the Italian health system for the collection of clinical and epidemiological data. The Fresco Parkinson Foundation Italy supports the collection of data within six Italian centers through NYU Langone Health. The Fresco Institute at NYU Langone Health, in collaboration with the PF who operates as a data flow collector, oversees the centers. The six centers include Genoa, Milan, Gravedona, Vicenza, Perugia and Pisa. Each center aims to enroll over two hundred patients and one hundred fifty follow-up patients in three years. The overall goal of this study is to collect diagnostic tests, therapies and much more to determine the most effective approach for Parkinson’s care.

The clinicians and researchers at the six Italian centers collaborated with American colleagues regarding PD treatment with particular focus to the new techniques of pharmacological, neurosurgical and rehabilitative intervention. The results for the POP Italy project will be compared to the American data to determine whether the difference between the care models of the two countries has a relapse on the outcomes of the treatments administered to the patients and particularly their quality of life.