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With the lengthening of the average life, neurological diseases in particular the degenerative ones see a significant trend towards an increase with a negative impact on the quality of life and an increasingly unsustainable weight on the national health system.


Rehabilitation recently is giving more and more evidence of efficacy in terms of neuroprotection, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis in particular in Parkinson’s disease. It therefore becomes important to propose rehabilitation models, including alternative-complementary ones. Dance, in recent years, is increasingly giving evidence of efficacy in the rehabilitation of people with Parkinson’s disease. Among these Dance Well-movement research for Parkinson’s is a dance proposal that includes various rehabilitation strategies (aerobic exercise; motor imagery; cueing; proprioceptive training; sensor-motor training) that make it a relevant rehabilitation tool for neurological disease. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to train operators both in the health and artistic fields, providing them with the knowledge and tools for a correct and safe management of this pathology through dance. The Dance Well-movement research initiative for Parkinson’s has developed in Bassano del Grappa since spring 2013.


The Center for the Contemporary Scene – Municipality of Bassano del Grappa in collaboration with Dance for Health Rotterdam and with the support of the European Social Fund and with the department of neurology of the Hospital of Bassano del Grappa, they started a training course for dance teachers and the dance lessons that have continued uninterruptedly until today in the spaces of the Civic Museum of Bassano, from 2015 to Villa Margherita and from 2016 at the Teatro Civico di Schio. The artistic team is in dialogue with Yasmeen Godder Company (Israel), Roehampton University (UK), Marc Morris Company, Skane Dansteater (SE) and numerous international experts and artists implementing research and exchange of experiences on applied artistic subjects.


Scientific Director:

Dr. Daniele Volpe



Dr. Sarah Houston, Monica Gillette, Roberto Casarotto, Michela Negro, Giovanna Garzotto, Simone Baldo, Cristina Bacilieri Pulga, Giulia Baldassarre, Peggy Olislaegers, Yasmeen Godder.


Target Audience:

Dance Teachers, choreographers, dancers


For information:

Centro per la Scena Contemporanea/Operaestate Festival Veneto

Via Vendramini 35 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)

e-mail: comunicazionefestival@comune.bassano.vi.it

tel: 0424519804


Download the Italian Brochure of the course


Download the Italian Brochure of Dance Well