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Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder of the CNS which will see an important increase in the coming years with a significant impact on International social and health systems.

It is a complex disease that involves globally the individual in his family, social sphere and work. Therefore the model of care must be of a type integrated all-encompassing where an interdisciplinary team of professionals elaborate and spread a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation project cut out on the individual needs of each individual with their own family.

Occupational Therapy in recent years is giving evidence of being an important intervention rehabilitation for the improvement of domestic life and daily in Parkinson’s disease. In fact, recently the International Guidelines of Occupational Therapy have been published for Parkinson’s Disease, which will be presented during the course.ù

The course aims to highlight the importance of a OT intervention, within the team work, in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease aimed at improving people’s quality of life with Parkinson’s disease.


Target Audience: Occupational Therapists


Moderators and Relators: Daniele Volpe,  Arianna Lorenzi


Please note that the entire course will be held in ITALIAN





Friday, June 14, 2019



Parkinson’s disease and occupational imbalance

P. Barone / A. Lorenozi

10.00 am

Hints on Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinsonism: important aspects for the occupational therapist and development of OT guidelines

10.30 am

The impact of Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinsonism in everyday life: how symptoms and pharmacological therapy affect everyday life

11.00 am

Identify the occupational problems for Parkinson’s patients and their family

1.00 pm

Lunch break


Evaluation of the Occupational Therapist

2.00 pm

The occupational therapy assessment on person with Parkinson’s disease

3.30 pm

Observation of occupational performance: how, what, when?

6.00 pm



Saturday, June 15, 2019



The intervention of the Occupational Therapist

A. Lorenozi

9.00 am

OT intervention: setting, methods, objectives and strategies

11.00 am

Cognitive strategies and fatigue management

1.00 pm

Lunch break


Moving towards a multidisciplinary approach

2.00 pm

Training the caregiver: bonds and strengths

4.00 pm

The importance of working as a team: what / how to communicate?

5.00 pm

CME questionnaire


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