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The training proposal is aimed primarily at Yoga teachers who are interested in training on the use of Yoga with people with Parkinson’s disease but is also open to practitioners and care professionals in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Recent studies show that, particularly for Parkinson’s disease, rehabilitation is very effective in terms of neuroprotection, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. For this reason, it is very important to be able to teach the practice of Yoga to people who are in this situation, above all by proposing alternative and complementary interventions to the traditional therapies already in use. This training event is also open to caregivers and other figures who in various capacities are in contact with a patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The training event is organized by the Aśvattha Amateur Sports Association of Vicenza in collaboration with ‘Villa Margherita’ in Vicenza, which will host the entire course, and will take care of the scientific training. Villa Margherita is part of the Fresco Parkinson Institute network as a “Center for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders”.

Recipients: Yoga teachers, Rehabilitation professionals, Caregivers.

Moderators: Daniele Volpe, Cristina Bet, Giovanna Garzotto, Laila Bakdounes, Kiara Ielo

Please note that the entire course will be held in ITALIAN

Course Schedule



  • the scientific basis of the disease and the differential diagnosis between the different clinical phenotypes
  • motor and non-motor symptoms on Parkinson’s disease
  • update on pharmacological and advanced (Duodopa PEJ and DBS) therapies
  • role of rehabilitation in Parkinson’s Disease
  • alternative-complementary interventions in Parkinson’s Disease
  • practical tips for caregivers


  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)


  • The ‘Dance Well’ experience at ‘Villa Margherita’
  • class led by Giovanna Garzotto addressed to the students together with the patients of  Villa Margherita



  • Yoga: an alternative approach
  • introduction to the experience of Yoga with Parkinson’s patients
  • practice of specific asana
  • Pranayama and the importance of breathing tecnique
  • how meditation can help
  • role of the caregiver


  • Yoga practice class conducted by Cristina Bet, addressed to the students together with the patients of Villa Margherita


  • Questions & Open Discussion


Download the Brochure in Italian