The quality of life of Parkinson’s patients depends on the quality and multidisciplinary nature of the care they receive. For this reason, the Fresco Parkinson Institute Italia has decided to dedicate its mission to the training of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Neuropsychologists, Nurses, and other non-health staff involved in the management of the disease.

The Fresco Academy offers accredited courses at its headquarters in Fiesole and at external locations dedicated to multidisciplinary management of movement disorders and held by the leading Italian and international experts.

Particular attention will focus on the training of family members and caregivers in order to provide them with the tools that allow correct supervision of the multiple problems of the disease in respect of the safety of the patient.

The courses offer CME credits for health care personnel.


Upcoming courses

TEACHING COURSE ON DANCE WELL Movement Research for Parkinson’s

17 August 2019 @ 00:00 - 15 December 2019 @ 00:00

La danza negli ultimi anni sta sempre più dando evidenza di efficacia nella riabilitazione delle persone con M. di Parkinson. Tra queste Dance Well-movement research for Parkinson è una proposta di danza che include al suo interno varie strategie riabilitative.

Hydrokinesitherapy for Parkinson’s disease

4 October 2019 @ 09:00 - 6 October 2019 @ 15:00

In the rehabilitation of Parkinson's disease, great advantages are also obtained with hydrokinesitherapy (or rehabilitation in water), as water reduces the gravity load, restoring fluidity, lightness and naturalness to the movements.

Multidisciplinary approach in Parkinson’s Disease – Ercolano

8 November 2019 @ 10:30 - 9 November 2019 @ 13:00

The course aims to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to promote an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the Parkinsonian patient in a "teamwork" perspective.

LSVT LOUD® Training and Certification Course

9 November 2019 @ 08:15 - 10 November 2019 @ 16:00

The LSVT LOUD® Training and Certification Course is a two-day program designed to train speech-language pathologists in a voice/speech treatment technique for adults and children with motor speech disorders, with a specialty in Parkinson disease.

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Past courses

Yoga and Parkinson

16 March 2019 @ 10:00 - 17 March 2019 @ 17:00

The training proposal is aimed primarily at Yoga teachers who are interested in training on the use of Yoga with people with Parkinson's disease but is also open to practitioners and care professionals in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

A course about occupational therapy in Parkinson's disease.

Experts in Motor Sciences

13 April 2019 @ 09:30 - 17:30

Rehabilitation, in particular intensive aerobic exercise, has recently been giving more and more evidence of effectiveness in terms of neuroprotection, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, particularly in Parkinson disease.

The mission of the Fresco Academy is to provide multidisciplinary training to the family members for the correct management of their loved ones at home and in everyday life.

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